What Is A Basic WordPress Site?

On my web design page I explain that my prices for a basic WordPress site starts from £500. For a complete website this is inexpensive. I am aware that you can find some cheaper options, but I would suggest you look closely at the terms, their prices for hosting and ongoing maintenance arrangements. Even for a small site many established web designers will charge you in excess of £1000. Between £2000 and £3000 is more typical. So what do you get for £500?

For £500 I will install WordPress and a premium theme on a server of your choice. This gives you a pre-made layout and I can then add the content you provide. If you want me to host your site, your first year's hosting charge is included. After the first year the annual hosting charge is £125, including the update and maintenance of software.

You are welcome to choose from a selection of premium themes that I have available. However, it might be better to discuss your requirements and allow me to make suggestions based on your needs. Alternatively, you may prefer to buy your own theme. I will create up to five pages on your site. To each of those pages I will add text and images that you supply. If required I can help you source images. I will also add an image or text logo. Your five pages can include a blog page and a contact page with a simple contact form. I can add buttons to help your visitors share your content to social media and software to improve the speed at which your page loads.

In addition, I will add Google analytics to your site (you will need a Google account), security software and spam protection. I will include automated backups to remote storage (you will need a Dropbox account) and add software to help with search engine optimisation.

That's about it. For a small business it is a great starter package. In many cases, clients will ask for embellishments and the cost will invariably rise. I am always happy to listen to your ideas and discuss prices. I won't commit to a price until we have had that initial discussion but for £500 you now know where you are starting from.

If you are concerned that by using a theme your site will appear similar to others don't worry. Even a basic site will have some customisation and as we go beyond the basics more changes can be made.

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