Web Design 

I build websites in WordPress because it is extremely flexible and easy to manage. It offers a wide selection of themes and frameworks to give a project a flying start. This also means that I can reduce design costs without compromising on quality.


Your site will be developed so that it can grow over time. If you want a gallery or shopping cart - WordPress can do it. 



What's Included?

Your site will be compliant with current standards and will be cross browser compatible. It will be responsive so that it renders properly on tablets and smartphones.


You will have the opportunity to see the site as it develops and request alterations. When I hand the site over I will provide links to good quality WordPress resources to help you understand how it works and its future potential. 


All sites come with one year's basic maintenance included. This can be extended at a cost of £150 per annum. There are also other options for ongoing site development.


Your site will include security software, integration with Google analytics, tools for search engine optimisation, speed enhancing software and much more.


Hosting is included in my prices for the first year. It continues to be included if you take out a maintenance plan. If not I charge £100 per annum after the first year.

Social Media

Links to your social media accounts can be added throughout your site. We can also make it easy for visitors to share your content online.

What's Not Included?

Generally speaking, during the building stage, the client is responsible for the site content. You will therefore need to provide text and images.


If you want me to undertake content writing I can provide this as an additional service. I can also point you in the direction of free and stock images and help with selection. 

And The Cost?

As a price guideline a one page site will cost £300 and a five page basic site will cost from £500. However it inevitably depends on complexity of design, page content and the required software so price will always be a variable until I know what you have in mind.

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