Introducing WordPress

I build websites in WordPress because it is extremely flexible and easy to learn. It allows clients to update and maintain their own sites without constant recourse to the designer. It offers a wide selection of themes and frameworks to give a project a flying start. This also means that I can reduce design costs without compromising on quality.

You need not worry about having a website that looks the same as all the other template driven varieties. The choice of WordPress themes is enormous and I can undertake customisation or even start with a blank canvas.


What’s Included?

Your site will be compliant with current standards and will be cross browser compatible. It will be responsive so that it renders properly on tablets and smartphones. You will have the opportunity to see the site as it develops and request alterations. When I hand the site over I will provide links to good quality WordPress resources to help with maintenance.

Included in the cost of the site, if required, is one year’s hosting and my essentials maintenance plan worth £125. During that year I will update your installation of WordPress as necessary (about twice a year) and undertake all updates on any software plugins such as calendars or image galleries. I will also make minor amendments for one month after the site has launched. If you want to host your site with me beyond the first year I will continue to undertake the updates. I also offer enhanced maintenance packages. You can find out more on my maintenance page.

Your site will be optimised for search engines so that it can easily be found by Google. I will also add Google analytics tracking code to your site so that you can monitor visitor figures. I can provide email addresses for your site and full integration with social media.


What’s not Included?

Generally speaking the client is responsible for the site content. You will therefore need to provide text and images. If you want me to undertake content writing I can provide this as an additional service. I can also point you in the direction of stock images and help with selection.

You will be responsible for ongoing maintenance if you are not hosting with me. Under these circumstances I can provide services for a small fee. I also provide enhanced maintenance services to help your site develop.


What About the Price?

As a price guideline a basic site will cost from £400. However it inevitably depends on complexity of design, page content and the required software so price will always be a variable. Ultimately I won’t be able to make a commitment until I know what you have in mind.