Updating The Bythams Cattery

A few years back I built a website for The Bythams Cattery using a then popular WordPress theme called Canvas. This Autumn Canvas will no longer be supported by its developers. It was therefore important to make sure the site was switched to a new theme.


Switching themes isn’t always straight forward. In this case I wanted to make sure that the site owners had the opportunity to change the style and the layout of the site. However I was surprised to find that they were happy with the existing site and wanted me to replicate it. That made life easy for me as the site is uncomplicated. It uses a classic style and it is a good example of how content, not design is the priority of the site owner.

In this instance I used the Divi theme. Divi is an established theme that offers lots of opportunity for customisation. I wasn’t really looking for the fancy aspects of Divi. I just needed something that would let me recreate the old site.

We also took the opportunity to add a SSL certificate which I was able to supply free of charge.

The Result

The Divi theme is often criticised for being bloated and slow. However when used for lightweight jobs it can be surprisingly effective. In a Speedtest with Pingdom I was able to get this particular site to load in under 0.5 seconds. That’s not bad.

2 thoughts on “Updating The Bythams Cattery”

  1. A great job done on our behalf & we get numerous comments on how easy the site is to navigate. Can’t thank you enough for what you have created for us and for your continued support throughout the year.
    June, Bythams Cattery owner

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