Around this site you will find service pages that provide information and costs on the individual elements of website provision. I’ve brought everything together here for ease of reference.


It's not easy to say for sure what a website will cost until I know exactly what is entailed. However this page will give you a good idea of what to expect. 

Web Design

My prices start at £300 for a one page site. I also do a five page site for £500. Hopefully you will appreciate that at these price my services represent a cost effective route to a new website. The price also includes the first year’s hosting and basic maintenance. Ultimately the final price will be dependent on the nature of the job, its size and what you want the site to do.


Often overlooked, maintenance is a very important part of your budget planning. You would be surprised how much is now involved in making sure your website performs properly throughout its life. Of course maintenance can also include development of your site such as adding pages. My basic plan starts at £150 per annum. If you are thinking of development or want to make changes to your site my Plus One plan gives you basic maintenance plus an hour of my time per month. You also get a reduced hourly rate if any further time is needed on your site. My Plus Two plan extends access to my time to two hours per month and further reduces my ongoing hourly rate. Charges for larger sites may vary.


Hosting costs £50 per annum if you take out a maintenance plan. If you want to do your own maintenance and just buy the hosting it will cost £100 per annum thereafter.

Domain Name

This is the cheapest part of your website. I recommend that you buy your own. That way you have full control of your site URL, both now and in the future. You can get them from around £5 per annum. If you want advice on where to buy, I can help.


In most cases licensing costs won’t be an issue. I have several software licenses for premium WordPress themes which I will be using as a starting point for your site. In some cases these themes require my password to allow them to be updated. If I am maintaining a site this is not an issue. However if you choose to maintain your own site and a password is required you would have to buy your own license. This scenario is unlikely to occur as in most instances my licences allow me to create a unique key for your site rather than use a password. In the event that we need to use a theme that requires a password I will make this and any financial consequences crystal clear from the outset.


Websites start from £300 including the first year's maintenance and hosting. After that maintenance and hosting is from £125 per annum. Hosting without maintenance costs £100 per annum. You should buy your own domain name. Licensing is unlikely to be an issue.

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