Operation Repeat

Operation Repeat is an ongoing police campaign targetting elderly people who are vulnerable to a variety of criminal scams. I was asked to build this site by the company that delivers training to the police forces that participate in Operation Repeat.

There are many occasions when I advise clients to cut down on text and focus on the visual aspects of their site. This isn't one of them. Operation Repeat, as the name suggests, is all about reiterating specific messages so that vulnerable people can remember how to avoid scams, be they online or on their doorstep. It was essential to incorporate large elements of text in this site in order to do that.

We opted for a clean design and provided focus for the text by using a larger than usual font. This may increase the length of pages but it does help with readability.

The North Wales Police is one of the forces involved in the campaign and I was asked if it was possible to provide a Welsh version of the site. That has been accomplished by including software that offers an instant translation via Google Translate.

The site offers a range of good advice and is something I would suggest anyone could recommend to their elderly relatives.

Operation Repeat
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