The Importance of Maintenance

When you are budgeting for a new website the cost of ongoing maintenance can easily be overlooked. There are two elements to consider.

Firstly it is important to keep your website’s software up to date. I work in WordPress and it will typically need updating twice a year. You will have other software on your site depending on the functionality you require. This too will need updating. If software is not updated it can pose a security risk. Typically, even a small website will require in excess of 50 software updates per annum.

Secondly you will need to update your content. In some cases this may be minor changes only; but if you want to develop a successful web presence you will almost certainly need to create new content. This is probably the single most important thing you can do to improve your Google rankings.

My maintenance plans include other services that are designed to keep your site working as it should. Not least is a regular back-up routine. I take a weekly back-up of your site and store the most recent four copies off site. This means that if your site is hacked or there are other complications I can get you up and running again. 

I can also provide a full reporting service to show what activity (such as upgrades) has taken place on your site as part of this service. Here’s a breakdown of the plans available.