How much does it cost

Complete websites start at £400.

Have a look at this blog post to see what you get for £400. There’s more detailed information on my web design page.

Do you provide hosting?

Yes. I will provide the first year’s hosting free of charge. After that it costs £125. This includes the upgrade and maintenance of software. You can, of course, sort out your own hosting and I will put your website on the server of your choice. You will, however, be responsible for software which may incur license fees.

Read more on my hosting page.

Do you offer maintenance?

Yes. Basic maintenance is included for the first year on all sites that I build and indefinitely on sites that I host. If I don’t host your site the annual charge, after the first year, is £125. This includes the upgrading and maintenance of software.

To help with basic changes to your site I also offer a higher standard of maintenance at £250 per annum.

Read more on my maintenance page

What is WordPress?

Really it is just a framework that provides the basic code to make a website. It can then be upgraded and developed to improve appearance and add functionality. It is open source and has a massive online support community. Most people can learn to edit and add content very quickly.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software that adds functionality to your website. For example it could be software to work in the background – such as site security, or something visual such as mapping or tables.

WordPress has over 46,000 plugins available and more are developed on a regular basis. 

Is WordPress secure

Because WordPress is so popular it is a prime target for hackers trying to add malware to websites. However it is regularly updated and any issues are dealt with very quickly. Although much of the update process can be automated website owners are responsible for making sure their site and plugins are running the latest versions of all software. This is something I include free of charge for the first year in all sites that I build and always free if I am hosting the site.

How long will it take?

As long as I have the time available I can work quite quickly. More importantly – do you have the content ready? If you can let me have all of your content I can produce a 5 page site within a few days.

When can you start?

You want it tomorrow, right? That might be difficult but I can normally get to work on a project very quickly. If I have lots of work or am planning a holiday you will see a notice on my homepage saying when I am next available to start a new job.