End of Support for Internet Explorer

I'll try and keep this brief. In the world of web browsers Internet Explorer is a dinosaur. The once popular product from Microsoft is entering its last days. Microsoft stopped providing technical updates in 2015 which means that it is becoming more and more incompatible with modern web standards. In essence this means that some elements of new websites will not display properly for Internet Explorer users.

What should you do? From a user perspective you don’t have to do anything unless you are an Internet Explorer user. If you are I would suggest changing to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. The choice is yours. Microsoft is currently working on a completely revamped Edge browser and that too would be a good choice.

If you currently own a website you should be aware of the limitations of Internet Explorer and understand that as time goes by some elements of your site may not work properly when viewed in that particular browser. If you have problems and I built your site, and it is less than three years old from the date of this post, I will work with you to find a solution free of charge. If your site is older than three years it is out of the warranty period. I can still work with you to find a solution but there may be a cost involved.

For all new sites I am no longer providing any sort of warranty for Internet Explorer issues. If you must have compatibility with Internet Explorer I can work with you to achieve that but there may be some design compromises. There would also need to be an understanding that Internet Explorer issues further down the line would attract a cost.

I hope this is clear. As new technologies emerge there will always be change. Fortunately in most cases that will lead to lower costs and I hope to be able to announce some new products later this year that provide an inexpensive and low maintenance entry into the website marketplace.

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