Email and Social Media

As part of my web design activity I offer a range of  peripheral services. The two that I am asked about most are email and social media. Email remains a very important online communication tools. Most businesses would not survive without it.


Social media has been with us for several years. It is commonly integrated into web design and can play an important role in driving traffic to your site.


If you have acquired your own domain you may well want to set up email addresses tied to that domain. I can do that for you and can provide up to 10 mailboxes per website. More can be made available for a small fee. If you manage your own control panel you will be able to set up your own accounts. Once the accounts have been set up you are responsible for managing your email clients such as Outlook.


There are no set limits on storage and bandwidth as long as usage is considered reasonable.


A final thought: there are plenty of good quality web based email applications that offer plenty of storage space. One of these may be more appropriate for your needs. I use Gmail but there are others. Zoho, which has a brilliant suite of office applications, offers a free account with up to 10 mailboxes, each of which has 5GB of storage space.

Social Media

No doubt you will have seen many headlines telling you how social media can drive traffic to your website. It’s probably true but for many people social media is a minefield. Picking and choosing which service to use is tricky, especially if your time is limited. Whatever you decide to do I can ensure that your website is properly set up for social media integration.


I can add social media buttons on your posts, pages and images to allow visitors to share your content easily around the web. You might also want icon based links to your own pages on social media and again I can do that. 

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