About Me

A bit of Background

A Range Of Services

For many years I was employed at a senior level providing cultural and leisure services within the public sector. Since 2008 I have worked on a part-time basis in the third sector.

I also provide freelance web services, including website development, site hosting and content writing. These services extend to the provision of support and site maintenance together with help for peripheral activity such as email and social media.

Business and Community

For most of my adult life I have been a volunteer with a variety of community groups. I have worked as a parish clerk and have championed sporting activity at grass roots level.

I have also been involved with small businesses and I am particularly keen to work with all of these sectors to provide new opportunities for digital engagement.

I am happy to help those who want to get a website for the first time or want to understand what the web can do for them. I’ll keep things jargon free and would be delighted to talk to you about your ideas and plans.

Have a look at my services page to get a better idea of the work I undertake. If what you want is not there just ask. I may be able to help or perhaps point you in the right direction.

I live near Grantham in Lincolnshire but am able to provide my services almost anywhere.


Although my Twitter feed contains a range of information, much of it is about web design and WordPress. I tend to avoid technical material and hopefully provide information that is useful to anyone running their own site or thinking about getting one.


I have also set up a site to showcase some music videos and playlists. It’s just a hobby site and I use it to test design ideas too. It takes the form of a traditional blog. You can see it here – John’s Shoebox